Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Gas! Gas! Quick, boys!
Fumbling for Ecstasy,
Shells of our former selves,
The realisation hits with a dull thud.

Powerful warfare chemicals,
Laboratory grade and efficient.
The young men of this generation are lost;
Battle sorts the men from the boys.

Gas! Gas Quick!
Once more before the beat kicks in!
Belief in the moment is a powerful aphrodisiac.
The future as uncertain as ever.

Over the top!
Drag queens, strobe lights and terror.
Faces mauled by the intensity.
Total war.

The aftermath,
Corpses shining, draped,
Like dolls. Gaunt, dead eyes.
Useless dental records.

The morning memorial.
Loose change clanks ceremonially on to the dish washer.
Families pay their respects, begrudgingly.
Nothing changes.

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