Thursday, 16 December 2010

Dear friend, I have something important to share before I leave.
You have the personality of a house brick.
As our romance and my holiday ends, do not grieve,
I'm certain this parting leaves us equally sick.

Old pal, don't hold back the raging torrents of emotion!
Allow bitter pints to spill all, clumsily.
As the coral red sides of lager lout eyes follow each motion.
Bumble through, if you can, tristeful, fistful and lovingly.

My keeper! Though your house grows frosty and your face harder,
Your shallow heart must not follow suit.
For now, my lover, I am full from your larder!
But one cold day I'll be on your step, then through the door,
To wear your socks and rustle your drawers,
Drink all your beer and just like before,
I'll gorge from your kitchen and piss on your floor.
My awful, soulless, spark-less, spineless brute!


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