Friday, 5 November 2010

No writing from me today, instead I decided to copy out this beauty from a programme I caught around 3am yesterday, ending a documentary called Coppers. I will keep my eyes on the internet for any more lyrical gems from this emerging talent, I haves feeling he will have plenty of time to contemplate future works in relative solitude. With a unique style, the never before attempted 'elongated gents toilet scrawl' here is the man himself! Presenting Danny Mack!

Let me out of this faking dump, cos I’ve really ad enough!
The food in ere is fucking shit, especially that duff.
The screws are just a bunch of mugs, they drive me up the twist,
And if I find out where they live, they’ll taste my fucking fist!
You’re such a bunch of soppy cunts, go get yourself a life.
It wouldn’t surprise me you lump of shit, if the milkmans on your wife.
When you’re all together and you’re running off your gobs,
Your missus down the local pub, on pints and sucking knobs!
Every time I see you cunts, I get the fucking pox.
I bet you send your kids to school in a fucking sweatbox.
They kicked you out the army and they bullied you at school.
And here you are trying to tell me that I’m the bloody fool.
Well get this in your ugly head, my name is Danny Mack,
And if I find out where you live I’ll get your kids on smack.
And when they come back clucking and thinking life’s a doss
I’ll take them up to London, sell their arses at Kings Cross.
Now who’s the rudest fucker? Is it me or is it you?
Is it true your mothers in a cage at London zoo?
Brap! Brap! Brap!

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